Diverse Dining & Drinks

Flavors from around the world, fresh ingredients, and imaginative recipes come together in a variety of dining concepts that please even the most discerning palates. Experience our specialty à la carte restaurants such as Island Grill, a tribute to Samaná's sea and land, which offers a range of delectable options like ceviche. Allow yourself to be transported to Southern Italy at our Italian restaurant, or capture the essence of Japanese street food at our Teppanyaki & Sushi restaurant. With five unique dining venues and options for all, Wyndham Alltra ensures an exceptional dining experience.


A buffet-style restaurant in a casual yet elegant atmosphere. Explore international cuisine through various cultures and gastronomies, offering something delicious for every taste.


This venue offers a large variety of options from gyros, burgers, pizzas, and salads. Perfect for any time of the day.

Island Grill

A tribute to what the sea and land of Samaná have to offer. Guests can dine on a range of food options from fresh ceviche and authentic mofongo to stewed goat, and suckling pig.


Get a taste of Southern Italy and enjoy antipastos, farm-to-table produce, pizzas, spaghetti, macaroni, all made with a wide variety of cheeses and a magical touch of Mediterranean herbs.


An oriental corner inspired by the people who keep ancestral traditions alive. The variety of sushi, freshness of the ingredients cooked on the heat of Teppanyakis, and the flavors of Udon noddle bowls deliver the essence of Japanese street food.

Seabreeze Cafe

Assortment of light snacks such as fruits, yogurt, breads and pastries.

Bars & Lounges

Kaa Bar & Lounge

You can’t miss this hot spot featuring passionate mixologists ready to create new and innovative cocktails.

Las Olas Bar

Enjoy the ocean view while our bartenders make you a margarita or a cool-off drink.

wyndham alltra drink 2
Palm Bar

Come for the views and enjoy your favorite cocktail at our Club level pool bar.

coco bar
Coco Bar

A relaxed oasis serving up delightful cocktails and a tranquil atmosphere for guests looking to unwind and enjoy.


A vibrant and tropical bar offering a taste of the Caribbean with refreshing drinks and lively ambiance.